PSI’s smart seismic sensors are buried near the surface creating a wide security corridor on the ground surface which provides early warnings when an intruder enters the detection zone, and also when the intruder uses underground tunnels to cross the border zone. PSI’s border security system provides early warning, when the intruder is far away from the border. The distance away from the border is proportional to the radius of the sensor’s detection range. The larger the detection range the earlier a warning is provided.

Tunnel Activity Detection
Most Important. The most notorious offender intruders use underground tunnels. PSI’s passive sensors detect and locate their movements. Intruders’ footsteps are detected regardless if they are walking on the surface or using tunnels. PSI’s one security system provides both security protections with one installation.

Below are various detection range performance parameters for PSI’s 6th generation border security sensor:

Parameter Range
Detection range of hard footsteps 200-370 m
Detection range of vehicles 3.0 km
Detection range of heavy machines (tanks, etc.) more than  6 km
Detection range of artillery more than 50 km
Detection ranges for hard and soft drop tests:
Hard drop: 10 lbs (~4.5kg) iron sphere from 1 m height
Soft drop: 10 lbs ( ~4.5kg) sand bag from 1 m height
(Generating 44.5 joule in ground impulse)
more than 250 m
more than 200 m