Our new technology sensor is a new class of product in the seismic sensors market, with 1nm shift resolution and an absolute-position sensing ability. It permits the transfer of mechanical vibrations into detectable signal in a frequency range starting practically from qua­si-static shifts (some of our acting models start from 0.00001Hz).

This new technology has remarkable discriminating advantages:

  • Ultra-broadband frequency range that competes with the best class sensors in the world – the frequency response starts from a very low 0.00001 Hz and performs to 1000 Hz – a breakthrough in seismic sensor technology;
  • Extreme sensing capability – PSI sensors offer 1 nanometer sensitivity with resolution capable of sensing movements, shifts, or vibrations in the ground (ground surface, tunnels or mines), underwater or air currents;
  • Movement sensor (other sensors are mainly velocity sensors);
  • Enables differentiation, recognition and classification in all commercial and military (industrial, medical, scientific, etc.) applications.

A myriad of applications have become possible in medical diagnostic instruments development, such as portable medical imaging machines and various new diagnostic instruments. The new technology has great potential for applications in industry to upgrade existing measurement tools/machines by replacing old technology sensors in form-fit and function in existing machines.  Or, new machines can be designed from the ground up to take full advantage of this innovative sensor technology. 

There are several reasons why this innovative sensor is better than the current solutions:

  1. This technology senses movements over the ground.  Current sensor products are severely limited in their capability to sense long distances due to limited sensitivity;
  2. A unique benefit of this technology is its ability to detect intruders who may dig tunnels to get access into a secure zone. In addition, it can detect and recognize intruders who may be using underground tunnels;
  3. PSI’s sensor design has an ultra-broadband frequency range that enables it to differentiate target signatures and allows artificial intelligence in detection and recognition, as well as limited Identification Capabilities;
  4. The PSI developed technology senses very slow moving targets and in that respect surpasses all known sensors in the world. It can measure the slow sagging rate of large bridge, as well as slowly creeping terrorist movements toward a secure border. This technology provides nanometer accurate absolute position sensing;
  5. Due to high resolution and the ultra-wide frequency bandwidth of the absolute position transducer it may permit its utilization to detect weak signals from low-powered nuclear weapon tests at a very large distance;
  6. Comparing to the world class competing systems, products developed with this technology are operationally the most cost effective in production.

In general such sensors and technologies can produce a variety of different security systems for Military and Civilian applications – for passive & remote detection, recognition and assessment of armed human activities in zero visibility.