Tests in Chantilly and Mojave (2014)

Global Innovations, Inc. (GII) sponsored and coordinated with Flight Test Aerospace, Inc (FTA) to test the PSI’s prototype seismic sensors twice; in January 2014 at Chantilly, Virginia, and in October 2014 at Mojave Desert, California USA.

FTA conducted third party independent field tests in the Mojave Desert to compare the PSI’s prototype seismic sensor system performance along and side by side with Russian Radio Barrier model RS-U seismic sensor system, which is recognized in the industry and used for intruder detection purposes.

The FTA field tests, conducted during 29th through 30th of October 2014, included the following specific tests:

  • Fixed magnitude impulse drop tests: 4.5 kg dropped from 1 meter height (44.5 Joules)
  • Nominal Person Walking: 200 lb person walking normally (not attempting to conceal presence)
  • Vehicles slow drive-by on unprepared surface: (Grand Caravan & Range Rover)

Results and conclusion of the tests

Results of independent analysis of the collected data by FTA clearly indicate that the PSI sensor is a revolutionary device with far more sensitivity and much less system noise than any of the seismic sensors currently on the market. The field test results indicate the PSI system performance allows detection of personnel and vehicles at 3 to 4 times longer ranges than any of the commercially available systems FTA has tested to date, including the top-rated RS-U sensor by Radiobarrier. The documented results indicate that PSI’s prototype system out-performed the RS-U system in every category by a significant margin. GII considers the irrefutable recorded data momentous, hence intends to introduce the PSI’s emerging sensor technology in USA as the leading best class seismic sensor technology in the world.