Tests in Mojave Desert (2019)

Global Innovations, Inc. (GII), headquartered in Los Angeles, CA sponsored and coordinated tests to demonstrate PSI’s Intruder Detection System (IDS) revolutionary sensor technology to several US companies. GII’s previously coordinated two demonstration tests in 2014 in Chantilly Virginia and in Mojave Desert were successful: where PSI’s experts traveled to the USA and conducted field and laboratory tests and provided technical seminars for Raytheon Company, Northrop Grumman, and for Flight Test Aerospace, Inc. PSI’s proprietary technology is of great value for the American companies in border/zone security industry, and companies in oil and gas exploration industry.

Field Demonstration Tests were conducted by PSI and GII in 5-7 March 2019 in the Mojave Desert, California (about 6 miles north of the city of Mojave) to validate the proposed PSI/GII solution.

Two types of detection range tests were conducted and both registered record high detection ranges:

  1. Human footstep detection range tests,
  2. Hard Drop Tests, which is considered a better test method to determine detection range parameter. Drop tests do not have the large variability that stem from human walk dynamics; this is a fact for all seismic sensor systems.

Results and conclusion of the tests

The March 2019 test results indicate a foot-step detection range of 250 meters (approximately 820 feet). This record high footstep detection range provides a viable solution for protection of USA borders against illegal intruders, and variety of solutions for DOD and commercial applications. The detection ranges registered during this field demonstration tests is far greater than any seismic sensor system currently in the global market.

The test results are summarized in Table below.

Parameter Range
Detection range of footsteps ~ 250 m
Detection range of falling hard object (stone)
weight: ~ 3 kg,
height: 1 m
~ 125 m
Detection range of falling hard object (stone)
weight: ~ 13 kg,
height: 1 m
~ 195 m