Levon Paul Thorose is Chief Executive Officer of PSI LLC since 2008.
He has a huge experience in the field of technology development, which is being used for developing new technologies in PSI.
Below is the summary resume of Levon Thorose:

  • Chief Executive Officer – PSI (Since 2008) Developing technologies in Armenia for export & worldwide sales
  • Chief Executive Officer – GII (Since 2012) Marketing Armenian technology in USA and worldwide
  • Past President of Friends of Armenia Humanitarian Organization (Joined 1998)
  • Past President – Armenian Engineers &Scientists of America (2002) started Science Olympiad program.
  • Knights of Vartan Commander (Aspet since 1995)
  • Humanitarian Projects in Armenia and Artsakh since 1988
  • Retired From Hughes Aircraft Co., 30 yrs, Technology Development Director in USA’s Military Industrial Complex
  • Retired from Raytheon Co. Resolved troubled high technology development programs for US Army, Navy, Marines, and Air force.