Tests in Mojave Desert (2019)
Tests in Mojave Desert (2019)   Global Innovations, Inc. (GII), headquartered in Los Angeles, CA sponsored and coordinated tests to demonstrate PSI’s Intruder Detection System (IDS) revolutionary sensor technology to several US companies. GII’s previously coordinated two demonstration tests in 2014 in Chantilly Virginia and in Mojave Desert were su
Global Security Challenge – 2009
Global Security Challenge – 2009   Certificate received during Semi-final The Global Security Challenge (GSC) was an annual competition to find the most promising security technology start-ups in the world. The mission of the GSC was to stimulate technological innovations that m
Digitec Expo – 2012
Digitec Expo – 2012   Introducing our new product to the President of Armenia Introducing our new product to the Minister of Defense of Armenia  
Tests in Chantilly and Mojave (2014)
Tests in Chantilly and Mojave (2014)   Global Innovations, Inc. (GII) sponsored and coordinated with Flight Test Aerospace, Inc (FTA) to test the PSI’s prototype seismic sensors twice; in January 2014 at Chantilly, Virginia, and in October 2014 at Mojave Desert, California USA. FTA conducted third party independent field tests in the Mojave Desert
Tests in Italy (2016)
Tests in Italy (2016)   GPS Standard (GPS) invited Precision Sensors & Instruments LLC (PSI) and its sister company Global Innovations, Inc. (GII), located in Los Angeles, California to conduct field tests of the PSI seismic sensor system at their facility in Arnad, Italy and at Villa Bella, a remote site approximately 100 kilometers south of A